Sara Greer Releases Debut Single, “Chasing Shadows”

Sixteen-year-old Atlantan Sara Greer showed all the attributes of a musical prodigy. She created songs while learning to walk. She corrected her grade school music teacher about the finer points of pitch. Recently, she released a single about writer’s block.

She is the most interesting emerging talent in the South – and maybe beyond.

The song is called “Chasing Shadows” and is produced by former Collective Soul guitarist Ross Childress and producer Will McPhaul (Kansas). The three-minute thirty-six second single is a marriage between a breakout talent, a platinum-selling artist and a skilled craftsman with major studio chops.

This all started when Greer met Atlanta-based independent record label owner Ryan Burton last year when she opened for pop/rock singer-songwriter Richard Marx at the Peachtree City Ampitheatre.

“I love Sarah’s writing, her songs, her wisdom beyond her years and her amazing humility,” Burton said. “She’s just a kid but when she sings and performs, she’s the boss.”

Greer co-wrote “Chasing Shadows” with former bandmates Levi Jones and Matt Greer during a brainstorming session in a coffee shop. They tried in vain for an hour to write something, but the muse wasn’t coming so easily.

“Levi said, ‘I feel like we’re chasing shadows in the dark,’” Greer said. “As soon as he said thosewords, I said ‘That’s our song right there, bud.’”

The irony is the song was written about writer’s block. The lyrics and melody set the tone of desperation without overkill into hopelessness. The bigger message is about how humans tend to get stuck in endless cycles. In fact, during her live shows, Sara often introduces the song by saying “this is about not knowing what to do with your life.”

Mix in Greer’s tasteful sprinkling of power notes and melodic runs and “Chasing Shadows” is sure to turn some heads – and please a lot of ears.

About Sara Greer & ‘Chasing Shadows’

Self-taught multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Sara Greer radiates warmth, intelligence and indie charm. An innovative and improvisational singer and guitarist, she began performing as a solo artist at age 12. Greer performs about 75 times a year and has shared the bill with Richard Marx, Larry Mitchell and American Idol’s Jess Meuse. She plays an eclectic mix of classic rock, pop, originals and an occasional country song or two. “Chasing Shadows” is available for preorder and will be released to iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify and other musical platforms everywhere starting on April 17, 2018.

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